Gandhiji’s Ashram

Gandhiji’s Satyagraha Ashram
Precisely from Sabarmati Ashram Gandhiji launched the great salt satyagraha against the draconian tax hike on domestically produced salt. He spearheaded the famous Dandi march on 12 th March 1930 from the Ashram. In recognition of this act of Gandhiji the Ashram was recognised as a national monument.
On 17th June 1917 the Sabarmati ashram was established on the banks of the river, spread over 36 acres. It housed Gandhiji and his wife Kasturba on most of the ocassions. There were guest houses for visitors and dignitaries to stay overnight. The Ashram was located in between the jail and a crematorium which made Mahatma to remark one day ” this is the right place to reside and carry out activities, to search for truth and develop fearlessness, for one side are the iron-bolts of the foreigners ( jail ) and on the otherside thunderbolts of nature ( body buring on pyre emiting sound ) ”


Gandhiji’s Museum :
The present day museum was inaugrated by J.Nehru ( PM ) on 10th May 1963, which was designed by architect Charles Correa. The museum houses most the letters, quotations and some of the personal articles used by Gandhiji. There are number small cottages and buildings inside the ashram complex. They are :
Nandini guest house wherein guests from abroad and India were housed. It is located in between Gandhiji’s house Hridaya Kunj and Magan Niwas.
Vinobha’s Bhave Kutir It is also known as Mirabehen’s living place who served Gandhiji and was inspired by his principles.

Magan Niwas was living quarters of Manglal Gandhi who happened to be his cousin, who managed the affairs of ahsram with great dedication.
Upasana Mandir which is an open air prayer ground with a seating pedestal for Gandhiji to conduct prayers and listen to woes and requests of visitors. Being a lawyer he used to give practical solutions free of cost
The Ashram is located on the Ashram road which is on the banks of the river front Sabarmati. It is approximately 9 kms from the railway station. The Ashram has free entry and attracts around 7 to 10 lakh visitors per year. The Ashram is open on all days to visitors between 7am to 6pm.

One is amazed at the serene atmosphere prevailing in the mornings when compared to evenings where crowd builds up. The lighting is so delightful during the winter months to photograph the various facets of the ashram. There is a library and sovenier sales enclosure wherein the visitors can buy Gandhiji’s books and carry home Charka or pen of their choice.
Adjescent to the Gandhiji Ashram is an orphanage and a goshala which breeds cattle. One visit them if they find time. Opp. to the Asharam there is a Toran restaurant where one can have their meals or refreshments, it also has guest accomodation for visitors who want to soak themselves into the environment of the Mahatma


God is truth and the way to truth lies through Aihmsa. signed M.K.Gandhi 13/3/1927
Not since the great Gautam Buddha has India so revered any man… Will Durant

Gandhiji may not have won the Nobel prize but definitely he is embedded in our minds and wallet lest we forget the soul who got us freedom from alien rule. ” Original quote U K Derebail


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