Gurudwaras of Nanded & Bidar

We travelled to Nanded by train from Mumbai. Online accomodation booking is not available so we had to personally go and approach the booking window which opens at 6 am. There are plenty of options available in terms of accomodation unless there is some festivity. The Gurudwaras provide accomodation ranging from budgetary to luxurious ones. There is an NRI accomodation too. A pick up bus for visiting the gurudwara is available at the railway station at Nanded too. We had Langar food which was simple and delicious. Some may not relish almost the same menu, options are available for outside food too near the accomodation.
There are three options for daily trip from Gurudwara one trip is towards Nanak Jira gurudwara, Another trip toward Aundh Nagnath and finally one is called as local trip consisting of visit to all Gurudwaras. These trips are unorganised and based on seat basis. They begin the trips early morning at 6 am itself.
One can witness the glory of the gurudwara in the night with every portion lit up. The main hall where the Guru’s samadhi is laid down can be visited by turns gents and ladies have seperate queue system. One should not miss out the garden laser show which unfolds the history of Guru, but alas the entire commentary is in Punjabi.
Historical background
After Golden temple at Amritsar the gurudwaras of Nanded and Bidar are amongst the 5 important takhts for Sikhs. This gurudwara is built at a place where Guru Govind Singh was cremated in 1708. The gurudwara is located on the banks of river Godavari and is known as Hujur Sahib or Sachkand Huzur Sahib.
After the death of Aurangazeb on 3rd March 1707 there was battle for succession among his 3 sons. Prince Bahudur Shah sought the help of Guru Govind Singh to ascend the throne. The Sikh army helped the moghul emperor in defeating his enemies. In return all the tormentors of Sikhs during Aurangazeb’s time was supposed to be handed over to Guru for retribution. But Bahudur Shah on the pretext of bringing down a mutiny in Hyderabad travelled along with his army to south and asked Guru to accompany.
Guru Govind Singh smelt a rat in Bahudur Shah and he decided to rest along with his soldiers as Nanded on the banks of Godavari. He established the Langar wherein all the rich and poor would be seated to partake free food. Even till today this rich tradition continues. There was no discrimination of untouchable people in the Langar.
Guru Govind Singh was badly in injured in the assasination attempt on him in 1708 by two individuals. He managed to kill one of them with his own sword and the other one pierced his sword, which was operated upton by English surgeon. However Guru did not live long and succumbed to the old wound. He was cremated and a Gurudwara was built in his honor by Maharaja Ranjith Singh in 1832-37.

Official Website of the Gurudwara

If one needs more information on visit and other historical background one can visit this link Gurudwara


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